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We Put Your Needs First

Private Belly Dance Classes in Galway

Private Belly Dancer Class is suitable for beginners and for experience dancers. We tailor the dance sessions to your needs as an individual and expand on the areas you wish to improve. Your goals  are discussed at the beginning of your class. You have the advantage of going at your on pace, review areas that are relevant to you and progress quickly.

Zoom Belly Dance Class works the same as a private class, with the exception that your instructor is not there physically  in the room with you. The benefit of this class is you can take classes wherever you may be and never miss out on your dance progression. Just need a strong internet connection, download and install Skype on your tablet, phone or pc.

Belly Dance Party Class

What better way to celebrate your special event than by dancing to mesmerising  rhythms with your friends ? Whether your event is a hen do, birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, a personalised belly dance party class is guaranteed to make everyone smile and join in the fun.

Dominican Bachata classes in Galway

"Bachata" is a popular musical genre and dance form native to the Dominican Republic (DR). There are some big differences with how it is taught around the world. One of the biggest has to doing with Bachata dance rhythm and timing. When Bachata is taught around the world the vast majority of classes teach students to dance "on 1", taking the first step on the firs beat of the music and then marking, tapping or touching the 4th beat.

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